Canadian Crew Detained in Dominican Republic

Sofia Cadario

Five Canadian crew members of the company Pivot Airlines have been detained in the Dominican Republic for seven months. 

The security of the Dominican Republic found a strange bag and reported it to the police. Authorities found that the bag contained cocaine, so they checked the plane and found over 200 kilograms of cocaine in other similar bags.

The police of the Dominican Republic decided to arrest the five crew members and jailed them for nine days. After they were released, the five crew members lived under armed guards.

After seven months, they were released, and they will come home soon. They were so happy to be soon able to see their family. One of the crew members called his daughter to tell her the news, and they both started crying joyfully. According to the journal Toronto Sun, Rozov, one of the crew members, said,” We found out at 9 p.m. last night.” 

  The crew members had been living a real nightmare over the last few months. ” It was really difficult,” said Rozov, and they still don’t know when they will be able to return to Canada. According to the journal Toronto Sun, Rozov said, ”It could be as long as two weeks”.

  When they return home, they will be considered heroes for their courage, resilience and honesty throughout this adventure.