Tragic Airshow Collision


Emy Langelier

On November 12th, 2022, two planes from the Second World War collided and hit the ground near Dallas executive airport in Texas

The local security did not specify how many people were inside during the crash. Still, Hank Coate, president of the company that owned the planes and organized the air show, said that the largest of the two planes generally has 4 to 5 people onboard, while the other plane only has a pilot. It is now confirmed that there were six deaths.

During an air show, this crash happened on Saturday afternoon in Dallas, Texas. The planes were two planes from world war 2, there was a fighter plane and a bomber. When they collided, they hit the ground not far from the city center, many people caught it on camera. Many videos were published on the internet.

“It’s still too early to understand what happened yesterday. I watched the video many times, and I can’t understand, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years,”  said Mr. Cudahy. The fighter plane collided with the bomber, which caused the bomber to crash to the ground and generate a big fire and smoke. More than 40 fire rescue units came to the scene after the crash.

Keller Mayor Armin Mizani has announced Terry Barker’s death. Before hitting the floor, the bomber’s wings separated from the rest of the plane.