“The Monster” Jeffrey Dahmer


Danna Janeth Saucedo Gonzalez, Photograph, Journalist

The new series “The monster,” Jeffrey Dahmer talks about a serial killer who tortured and ate his victims. It aired on the 21st of September 2022 on Netflix and has lately been all over the media.

It quickly became a huge success around the world, which did lead to some controversies on platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

People started to make fan edits of Jeffrey Dahmer that appear mysterious and in a weird sexy way. Among them were scenes when he was enjoying eating his victims. 

The idea of Ryan Murphy, the producer of the series, was to show the points of view of Dahmer’s victims, but unfortunately, he seems to have missed the mark. 

If we compare this new series with the other serial killer series, they all have the same pattern. They make him a cool and confident killer that uses his charisma to trick his victims, portraying him as a hero of the story. Making the people forget the sad reality that the victims and families had to endure.

Murphy wanted to develop his character over delicate themes. For example, in Dahmer’s childhood, he struggled to come to terms with his parent’s divorce and the traumas that some people get through to unwittingly lure them into empathizing with him. 

However, according to Melissa Hamilton, professor of law and criminal justice at Surrey University, “The fact that they choose an attractive actor manipulates the audience into forgetting what the real-life person did.”

And in one recent study, a neurologist explains, “The true crime audience is 73% female, which increases the hybristophilia syndrome,” which means that you are sexually interested and attracted to those who commit crimes. 

Even if most people do not agree with this situation, some are still making many jokes and memes about this. Countless tweets are thirsting over Dahmer’s actual mugshot on Twitter too. 

After all, people will always forget the horrible actions he committed, damaging the victims and anyone who experienced trauma by individuals like the monster Jeffrey Dahmer who spread shadowy justification for their actions.