Verstappen Dominantes 2022


Clément Laplante

After the biggest dominance in all of Formula 1 history, Max Verstappen won the championship.

The Dutch driver won 17 of the 22 races. He scored 454 points and has more than 100 points over the vice-champion. He also has 149 points of lead on his teammate Sergio Perez. He got so many points that he won the championship before the end of the season because nobody could mathematically beat him.

For the other drivers that do a good season, there is Charles Leclerc for Ferrari, who ended second in the championship with 308 points and won three times. At the beginning of the season, he fought Verstappen, but the Red Bull was quicker. There is also Sergio Perez, Max’s teammate, who scored 305 points and won two races. George Russell for Mercedes-Benz also had a solid first season with his new team.

There is also some deception, like Lewis Hamilton, the only sevenfold driver in all Formula 1 history who only finished 6th with 240 points and no victory for the first time in his career. Carlos Sainz, the other Ferrari driver, finished 5th and crashed a lot of times.

Now, what to expect from 2023? Many drivers change teams for the next season, Sebastian Vettel retired, and Fernando Alonso will take his place. To replace Alonso, the french team Alpine chose Pierre Gasly. To replace Gasly, Alpha Tauri took Formula E driver Nick De Vries. Canadian driver Nicolas Latifi got fired from Williams, and it’s going to be American new driver Logan Sergeant that will take over for them next year.