Les Éperviers M15 D2 Fighting For It


Olivier Dupont

Les Éperviers of La Camaradière, M15 D2, have hit the half-season with disappointing stats but hopes for the series.

It is a rough season for the M15 D2 team. They are 11th on 13 on the leaderboard in the east section. As you may guess, their chances of making the series are low but not impossible, as the teams making the series are the eighth first.

The Éperviers performed 16 games in total. They won 6 games and lost 9. They also made a tie. The conclusion is that they are not the best team, but they are still good. Here’s a short statement from Charles-Olivier Fortin, a defenseman on this team. “I know we’ve lost more games than we’ve won, but we are still a good team who deserves his place.”

Unfortunately for all the fans of Les Éperviers de la Camradière, M15 D2, they have done all their games before Christmas. This means that the M15 D2 have already done half of their games during the year. The last one was against Séminaire Saint-François on Wednesday, December 14, and they won 4-3. Here’s what the goaltender Vincent Joncas said about the game. “This win was more for our morale since we lost the four games before this one.”

Their next tournament will be in January because they just finished one from December 8 to December 10. They were eliminated early by losing all their games.

Compared to last year’s team,  Les Éperviers M15 D2 are a bit less good than last year’s team. Even though they don’t seem to be the better team, they have a good one with good players. They have a solid defence and a solid offence. The team’s best scorer is Émile Desrosiers, with nine goals, and the players with the most points are Émile Desrosiers and Jacob Cloutier. Their two goaltenders are Vincent Joncas and Xavier Mainguy. They made approximately half of the games each.

We can consider them lucky this season as they don’t have any injured players. However, some players were injured at the beginning of the season but rapidly recovered.

The Éperviers M15 D2 has four players in secondary 2. Maxime Langlois, Xavier Mainguy, Louka Villeneuve and Dylan Mathieu. These four players are underage but as good as the others.

They also have five affiliated players who will play if someone on the team is injured. Theses players are Vincent Vaillancourt, Loudano Hovington, Mathieu Boivin, Loucas Samson and Louis Rancourt.