The Volleyball Team

Marilou Delisle

The women’s volleyball cadet team have a volleyball tournement this weekend.

They make a lot of effort to evolve in volleyball and this weekend there was a tournament to show how they have been involved since the first tournament. They were in the categories D4.

A volleyball game is separated into two sets of 25 points; if each team wins one set, we go to a third set of 15 points. To win a point, the ball needs to touch the ground or go out of the field; if you touch the net, the point goes to the other team. Six people are on the field for the sets, and we can switch if we want.

This weekend there was a tournament at the school la Camaradière and they lost it. “I found our performance at the weekend allowed us to improve not only on the game but to create links all together. I know we lost the matches but the important thing is that we made our better and that we have improved” according to Lyvia.

“I’m proud of us during this tournement because even if we were losing the game we were always in a good mood all together.”, said a girl in the volleyball team.

The cost for the years is 275$ and there is 2 practice per week and there are 6 tournaments.