The Cafeteria is Back

The cafeteria with a lot of new interesting food


Hilary Molloy, Journalist/photographer

The cafeteria at the school La Camaradière recently opened after two months of waiting.

It was closed due to a lack of staff. The school tried its best to find people who would love to work in the cafeteria and succeeded after two long months. It was hard to find employers because the staff from last year went to work at the school Cardinal Roy at the beginning of the year. The staff quit their Cardinal Roy job and returned to our school.

This year, the menu of the cafeteria is full of great healthy meals, and there are a lot of choices. For example, you can buy chicken or ham warps for 4$, paninis for 5,75$, potatoes for 2,25$, sorbet for 1,70$, Cesar salad for 4$, and a lot more. One thing that is new this year is the breakfast. You can buy McMuffins and grilled cheese in the morning. Also, you can get different kinds of drinks, like water bottles, dole drinks, milk chocolate, juice boxes, sparkling waters, etc.

The opening of the cafeteria generated a lot of reactions. The students are very happy, and there is always a long waiting line at lunchtime. “I missed the cafeteria’s food so much,” said some school students. The reopening of the cafeteria made a lot of happy students.

Unfortunatlely the cafeteria shuts down sometimes because there are still some workers missing. Some students don’t have something to eat because they usually eat at the cafeteria so they can go grab a frozen meal and some snacks like fruit role ups, welch’s and tender bars at the withdrawal room.

The school suggested some work to students that would like to clean the cafeteria during their free time so that it could be easier to deal with the job.