Les Éperviers Against Saint Jean Eudes


Jeremy Castonguay, Journalist, management

On December 2nd, les Épervier of l’école secondaire la Camaradière had a hockey game against les Condors of St Jean-Eude.

It was a tight game, and fortunately, Les Épervier won the game four to three. Their goalkeeper, Vincent Joncas, said that this game should have never been that close, “We will take the win, but we have made a lot of mistakes.”

The first period was pretty equal, with a score of one-to-one. Zachaël Fortin scored for Saint-Jean Eudes, assisted by Jonathan Lortie, while Jacob Cloutier scored for la Camaradière.

La Camaradiere dominated the second period as it ended three to one in favour of our school.  Antoine Petit and Émile Desrosiers increased the score for our team.

There was a comeback in the third period by Saint Jean Eudes as it finished four to three. The score was four to two until the Condors took out their goalie and scored. When there were 40 seconds left, Saint Jean tried the same, but a penalty impaired their opportunity, so it was back to five versus five.

It was our first win after four losses, so this game was not for the stats but for our morale said the goalkeeper of the game Vincent Joncas.

Overall the game was exciting, the bleachers were full, and there was a really good ambiance.