Kyler Murray’s Injury


Ryan Paquet, Journalist, Manager

During this Monday night football, the quarterback of the Cardinals, Kyler Murray, was injured against the Patriots, and they lost the game.

This Monday, Kyler Murray injured his knee. Later, after the game, the Cardinals confirmed that Kyler would not return for the rest of the season. “It’s tough,” said the coach Kliff Kingsbury. After the incident, Kyler was replaced by Colt McCoy.

Kyler was in his 11th season. He overall had thrown for 2359 yards, had seven interceptions and managed to do 14 touchdowns. He was having a very good season.

This year the Cardinals are very affected by the injury, mostly in his offence; they are now missing four of the offensive line.

Kyler Murray was chosen two times to play during the Pro Bowl. During his offseason, he signed a contract of 230.5 million to stay with the Cardinals until 2028.