Two Big Earthquakes destroyed Eastern Turkey


Turkey requested help after the biggest natural disaster of its history as it was hit by a huge earthquake.      

Two huge earthquakes with a magnitude of 7,8 on the Richter ladder killed thousands and destroyed several buildings on the Turkish/Syrian border this February six.

The first wave happened at 1 hour 17 minutes in the morning when the population was sleeping, the disaster lasted two minutes.

The second quake occurred nine hours later at 10 o’clock, and images from Gaziantep show modern buildings of up to 10 floors falling like card castles. ” it was like a nightmare!”said a citizen

The Kahmaranmaraş earthquake occurred at the junction of three tectonic plates, the Anatolian plate, the Arabian plate and the African plate, this is why it was so intense and damaging.

In total, 25 000 people have already lost their lives in Turkey and around 5000 buildings were destroyed. The total tally is supposed to rise as rescue attempts continue.

Millions of people are actually homeless with a freezing winter outside.

Some major cities have almost been completely destroyed, like Gaziantep, Adana, Mersin and Kahmaranmaraş.

Greece was the first country to send help to Turkey after the earthquake, strangely, the two countries had been in territorial conflicts for decades, and this much-needed help could have beneficial diplomatic effects for the region.

So far, Athens has sent 80 tons of equipment like tents, medical supplies, blankets and beds.”It’s time we all show our feelings of humanism!” said Christos Stylianides, Greek Civil Protection Minister.

These conflicts are about islands called Ìmia in the Aegean sea that Turkey has claimed since 1985 and also about the island country of Cyprus which is divided in North and South by the two powers. The Republic of Cyprus (the south) is supported by Greece and The Republic of North Cyprus is completely occupied by Turkey since July 20 of the year 1970.