Fille active: An new and inovant activity


Danna Janeth Saucedo Gonzalez, Journalist, promotion

A new and inovant activity organized by the fille active group, it consists of making your own snacks and to cake care of your health. 

The concept of “Fille Active” is to encourage girls between 14 and 18 to continue being active and care for their health. According to scientific research, most girls do less physical activity when they are teenagers, which increases the risks of having decreased bone and cardiometabolic health. That can leave them at an increased risk of chronic disease in later life, including type two diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and decreased fitness.

That’s why on February 3rd, they started a new activity which consists of cooking delicious snacks that are sweet and healthy at the same time with ingredients that are easy to find. “You don’t have to be a professional chef,” said the instructor. 

The reason why they decided to teach girls cooking, is because unfortunately, girls had a bad relationship with food during this growing period and for them it’s important to take care about what you eat while you enjoy making it.  “it’s ok to eat chocolate when it is balanced and healthy,” said the organizer.  According to a couple of friends, they really enjoy learning many things about food and cooking at the same time with their friends.  

The organization of “fille active“ had already done- Zumba, judo gym open once a week, special activity surfing in the gym, trampoline and biking in the pool. The “Fille active” are now exploring new activities.