Seisms disturb peace in Syria


Victor Parent, Graphic Artisit, Journalist

On February 6,  a small part of Syria was surprised by a magnitude 7.8 seism that started in Turkey. Even though it began in Turkey,  this leads to many problems since they were not ready and prepared at all for this kind of threat.

February 6, a major earthquake struck Northern and Western Syria and  also Southern and Central Turkey. The majority of the people talk about Turkey but Syria also got some crucial damages, here are a few.

Due to Syria’s civil war back in 2011,  over 13 million Syrians have been displaced. Surely, the 13 million Syrians displaced didn’t have time to prepare for a seism- resistant house or residence so this leads to 5.37 million people that will need shelter assistance due to the  present quake,“ That is a huge number and comes to a population already suffering mass displacement, ” the UN said. It doesn’t end there, the population that is not in a shelter  needs to face another disaster, cold. At this time of the year, the temperature should be about 2.5°C(36°F) but for now, it is around -3°C to -2°C(27 to 28°F) which is under the normal and because it is below zero, it can snow.

”The number of people who required  humanitarian assistance before the catastrophe stood at 15.3 million, but that number will now have to be revised”, UN Resident Coordinator for Syria, El-Mostafa Benlamlih said.

Lucky ones can find shelter in a school or  a mosque but  most of the people are found with no place to sleep. A worker that helped countries affected by natural disasters by distributing supplies across affected regions in northern Syria told CNN last week that itinerants people have been passing their nights in their cars during a “very, very difficult,” situation.

So far, many countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Russia, have sent assistance to  airports. Other nations, including China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Canada, have also sent aid. But the Syrian government says it needs more help and has a request for sanctions on the country to be lifted.