Hockey Concentration

Victoria Paquet, Journalist, Promotion


At the Camaradière, there are a lot of programs, including a hockey concentration. Here is all you need to know about their team.

For a long time, the Camaradière high school has had, several young athletes in the hockey concentration. This program allows young hockey players to improve their ability at this sport and to have a good team spirit throughout their high school years.

To enter this concentration, students have to show that they are mature enough, that they have an interest in playing hockey, they have to know a little about the sport, and they must have pretty good grades at school. By entering this concentration, you have to promise to show the necessary efforts and show that you really want to be there.

Once you are part of the team, you will meet all the coaching staff  Benjamin Division 3 secondary 1 and 2 you’ll have Steve Tanguay, that have been there for a really long time now. He’s a serious person that is focused on his job but is always there for his team and Robert Raymond, who will also drive the bus to go to the game. The players also describe him as a really funny guy. Robert is always called “Bob” by the players.

In Cadet Division 2, secondary 4, it will be Alexandre Picard, who has played in the NHL. He is a very good hockey player. Robert Raymond is also part of the coaching staff. “I really like being part of the team with those coachs.”said the captain.

Cadet mineur secondary 2 and 3 and Juvenile Division 3 Secondary 4 and 5 will have Denis Hallé that is always marking the game, and Alexandre Picard.

Players in secondary 1 to 3 have 8 hockey periods in a 9-day cycle, and 4 and 5 have 6, which means they lose periods of about every subject, but it’s worth it because it allows them to move more and plays sports while learning at school.

To help players, there is a program called “DAM” that has been there since 2012 to help young people to get good grades at school while playing their sport. Game time is used to reward the students for the efforts they have made in school. If a student fails but every week he goes looking for help with DAM, he will be able to have game time.

Students who are helped by DAM really thank them for all the help they bring at school. “i wouldn’t be so motivate if they weren’t there.” said Antoine a player of the team.