School’s Opinion About Andrew Tate’s ­­­­”Brainwashing­”


Mathys Prevost, Journalist, promotion

Schools alarmed by an online celebrity’s popularity among students, teachers are rallying to combat the sexism promoted.

When the seventh graders settled into their lecture hall in a school near London, the topic they thought was not what they got. “Andrew Tate,” a teacher said, pointing to a picture projected on the wall. “What do you think about this man,” said the Teacher.

The Tate brothers are becoming a serious problem among teens. Their misogynistic and sexist claims like: “The women of today’s society who are r**ed should bear some responsibility.” And boys agree with these claims and protect Tate for reasons like: “He’s bringing back strong masculinity.”

Across most countries, Tate is spreading his toxic remarks toward women. Many people talk about them even in our loved city of Quebec, in the school La Camaradière.  To such a point, even the teachers know about Tate and talk about him occasionally to discuss his recent activities and remarks.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a well-known online figure also known as, “The Top G”. He is famous because he is promoting “masculinity”, he teaches kids how to bring back the manliness in people. He also tells his viewers that women should provide men with anything they need and stay home doing chores and groceries and that men should protect women at all costs. It is understandable that feminists take these statements with rage and hatred. “They don’t understand the severity of what they’re saying,” said a woman teacher regarding the kids repeating Andrew Tate’s remarks.