Teachers’ Domination Continues


Jeremy Castonguay, Journalist, management

On February 23, the hockey concentration students played a game of hockey ball against the teachers during lunchtime.

The two teams faced off in the school parking lot. Sadly, the ground was in bad condition. It was not flat, it had snow on the sides and there were puddles of ice, making the ball hard to control because it was bouncing a lot. It was a little bit slippery as some students and teachers fell during the game.

It was a really close game with a one-point difference compared to the basketball game where the teacher destroyed the secondary 5 players. In the last moments of the game, the student team took out their goalkeeper to have an extra player but they weren’t able to tie the score.

The ambiance was really good for the weather as there were always people in the bleachers. There was music during the game and a horn for when a goal was scored. People were having fun and smiling the entire time.

The teams were mostly equal except for the goalkeepers’ equipment. On the teacher’s team, he had a full ice hockey equipment compared to the students’ goalie, who had old cosom hockey equipment. Except for that, the teams were really fair as the game was not dominated by any team.

The student’s team was made up of secondary 3-4 students and the teachers’ team was made of adults from the school’s staff, meaning the students had more experience working as a team.