Goodbye Boris


Sofia Cadario, Journalist, photograph

The last and lovely walrus of the Quebec Aquarium was moved to a marine park outside the country. 

Boris, the last walrus of the Quebec aquarium, has left the country. Boris has moved to SeaWorld, Abu Dhabi, the new marine park of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. According to radio Canada, the Aquarium of Quebec said, “the mammal is already adapting very well to its new habitat.” After a long journey, the 17 years old mammal arrived at his destination, SeaWorld, Abu Dhabi park.

The transfer of the animal was well executed. An animal guide and a veterinarian of the Quebec Aquarium accompanied the walrus in a truck to the airport in Montreal. ” The Air transport was carried out in compliance with international protocols and industry best practice,” said the establishment SÉPAP.

An employee of the park has spent the last week close to Boris to get to know him better. In a few days, the former trainer of Boris will go to the capital of the United Arab Emirates to assist the trainer who is now in charge Boris and to share information on the behaviour of the walrus.

Boris will have been the last adult male walrus at the Quebec aquarium. The establishment claims they could no longer keep him in the same environment as these little ones, Likina and Balzak, because this could have led to episodes of unwanted reproduction. In the new park, he will be with other walruses and will be happier.