TikTok to be Banned?


Lily Roy-Racine, Journalist

The Canadian government is presently considering to impose a full ban on tiktok, even though it presently is the most popular app.

The problem with TikTok is that it collects information about users. The application belongs to a Chinese company, ByteDance. Some people think China could be spying on the users. Since ByteDance is Chinese, this means that the Chinese government can ask for their user’s data, and the company would have to abide by this demand.

This is why several governments believe that TikTok risks the country’s information security. They don’t want China to know their secrets. “They’re saying that there’s an unacceptable level of risk recently determined by the chief information officer. I’d like to know why now,” said Vass Bednar, executive director of the master of public policy in digital society program at McMaster university. 

For the moment, this situation is happening in the United States and in Canada. 

All the employees who work for the government can’t have tiktok on their work phone. They are scared that their information could be recorded by the microphone. They are also worried about the phone’s camera, because confidential images could be seen through it.

Also, some schools decide to banned it. You can’t go on the app if you are logged to the school’s WI-FI. Only people who have LTE can open the app.

 A spokesperson from ByteDance said that this was sad for Canadians, who will no longer be able to entertain themselves on TikTok. They said that the Chinese government had no access to personal information at all and that the data was safe.