Big Fire In Old Montreal


Cédrick Martineau and

A big fire happened in Old Montreal on March 16th around 5h45 in William-Watson-Olgivie’s building.

Nine people were sent to the hospital and three of them had serious injuries. The police also found seven missing bodies in the building. The two last bodies that were found are teenagers. “During the fire, the fire department rescued four people by portable and two people by aerial ladder,” fire department divisions chief Martin Guilbault said. “One person also managed to escape by jumping from a window.”

The fire already assaulted the interior of the building when the firefighters arrived, they couldn’t enter it. “At this stage, there is no possibility of survival inside the building, so we aren’t risking sending firefighters until we have extinguished the fire and stabilized the building. The firefighters were able to extinguish the fire at around noon. They are still trying to find the cause of the fire.

Around 150 firefighters were sent to help so the fire doesn’t spread to other buildings because the sector is very dense in this part of Old Montreal. No other buildings caught flames rejoiced the director Liebmann.

The building was an illegal Airbnb. A recent tenant confirmed that the building had a deficient emergency exit, snow accumulation on the balcony, and too many tenants in a unit.