Fall, The Movie

Marianne Paquet

There are a lot of types of climbing. You can climb on rocks, inside, or even on ice. The Fall is a movie that includes bereavement, facing fear, trust, and friendship.    

The movie Fall was released in 2022 and was a big success. It generated at least 20,7 million dollars, from a budget of a mere 3 million dollars. It made 923 000 dollars on the first day!

It is about two best friends who, after one of the girl’s husband died in a climbing accident, decide, after months of denial, to climb a 2000 ft tower to face her fear. The tower is a transmission tower in the desert. When they finally get to the top of the tower, they  get stuck at the top of it and try many different ways to get down from it’s tiny platform, even if that means hard challenges.

The two principal actresses are Virginia Gardner, who plays the role of Hunter, and Grace Fulton who plays Becky.

The tower in the movie was inspired by the KXTV-KOVR tower, which is 2 049 ft, in California in the US. It was built in the year 2000 and is the second-highest building in the world, with two other towers similar nearby. Those towers serve broadcast stations airing programming to TV viewers in the area.

The movie was filmed in the Shadow mountains, in California. Directors thought about the green screen, since it is high in the air, but finally decided to build a 100 ft tower on the top of a mountain to give a high impression.

It generated a lot of good comments, like this one: “Never experienced such stress in front of a screen. We believe it…you have to watch this film together to hold on!!! What an experience…”

This movie shows the importance of safety when you climb. Don’t listen to this if you have the fear of heights!