The Great Purge (Mandalorian)

The Great Purge (Mandalorian)

Félix Moisan

The new season of The Mandalorian aboards many complicated subjects that spectators need to understand to appreciate the series to its total capacity. One of them is The Great Purge.

In the new Star War series, The Mandalorian season 3, Mandalore is a crucial aspect often aboard since it is the home planet of many Mandalorian like Din Jarin, the main character. The planet appeared in episode 2 of season 3: The Caves of Mandalore. Still, it wasn’t the oasis it once was as it is now covered with a green fluid that went hard. Many of its natives often describe it as cursed and toxic, so the question is:

What Happened to Mandalore?

The Great Purge is often mentioned as the cause of all the destruction, which is justified since this led to Mandalore’s destruction. During the Great Purge, the Empire spread destruction and fear over Mandalore, nearly wiping the planet of all human forms. Moff Gideon then bombarded the planet-destroying vast elements of the Mandalorian culture. The capital itself, Sundari, was burned to the ground. This incident forced most of the Mandalorian to seek shelter in hidden parts of the Galaxie.

The Empire always saw Mandalorians as a threat, so by ravaging their planet, the Empire could maintain its grip on The Galaxie. The Mandalorians are reputed warriors known for their fighting and flying skills, so they were always seen as a potential threat to their power.

The Causes

Soon after the end of the Clone War, Mandalore was freed of their tyrannic leader Dark Maul by the intervention of The Galactic Republic, led into the battle by Asoka Tano. Freedom did not last long since, within hours of the end of Dark Maul’s reign, Chancellor Palpatine transformed the Republic into the Empire, promoting himself as its ruler. He then ordered the Galactic troopers still stationed on the planet to take over Mandalore.

The turning point in the Imperial control over Mandalore is when Sabine Wren’s superweapon, known as the Arc Pulse Generator, which targets Beskar, the material that conceives the Mandalorian armor, was used against the Mandalorians themself. Even with the Arc Pulse Generator, the Empirial quickly understood they could not maintain their grip over Mandalore. They wanted to ensure no other factions could, so they ravaged the planet.