You, Season 4

You, Season 4

Isa-Ève St-Martin

On February nine, 2023, the first five episodes of You season four came out, and attracted many viewers with its suspenseful story line and excellent characters.


The series is mainly focused on the main character (Joe). Joe, despite his efforts to be a better person, always falls back into his murderous habits. He begins a new life in England. Will he succeed this time and stay on the straight path? He will join a group of friends, that are hit by murders. This psychopath desperately tries to find one of his exes seen in the previous seasons, which makes her life difficult. He will also meet a woman who comes from a very rich family, but who has had a lot of problems in the past. She has a father who controls her whole life despite her trying to make her own decisions. As usual, Joe’s mind is playing tricks on him which is not helping at all. His dark side takes over and tries to decide for him. He imagines people from his past talking to him. After a few weeks, he makes a big decision that may change the course of his life. leading to an intriguing end.


The series is really good but a little complicated cause he sees things in the past which makes it hard to understand at moments. The acting is very good, many of the actors made a lot of movies or series before and are convincing in their roles. The show is perfect for people who like suspense and drama.

In the previous seasons

Season one is about Joe(Ben Badgley) and his need to be loved. In the first ten episodes, we get to know the main character better. Have to learn more about his psychological characteristics and his obsessions, like, he makes some boxes with memories of each of them. In the second season, he meets his half, whom he calls “Love.” This woman his alter-ego, because she has the same murderous impulse as him and ultimately does not help him at all. Also through the seasons, we see him locking up his victims to have control over them.