Riverdale Back on Your Screen


Shaïma Kamis

It’s now official, the release date for season 7 of Riverdale is now out.

The CW has announced that Riverdale will end after a 7th and final season. The first episode of this new season was on March 2023, more precisely on Wednesday, March 30. In the new season, there will be 20 episodes for a total of 22 hours. “This is my favorite TV show, I’m so excited for the new season,” said Victoria Paquet.

At the end of season 6, Riverdale survived the comet, but it’s not exactly the Riverdale we know anymore. The comet resets essentially everything, taking the main characters back to high school. They were in high school in 1955. Fans of this TV show can’t wait to see season 7 to know what will happen after this surprising ending. “The last season ended so weirdly, I can wait to know what is happening after,” said Isa-Eve St-Martin.

Now let’s talk about the characters in the TV show. The villain in Riverdale is called Hiram Lodge. He holds all the powers. He arrived in Riverdale to control the lives of other characters and to disrupt the smooth flow of events. This man is rich and invincible.

Veronica is the daughter of Iram Lodge. She is at first glance the stereotype of the very beautiful and superficial young girl, maybe even bad, selfish, and egocentric. Over the episodes, she will prove that she wants to start from zero and forget about the old Veronica.

Archibald Andrews, nicknamed Archie, is the hero of the TV show. He was born and raised in Riverdale. Archie is the only child of Fred and Mary Andrews. An accomplished football player on the Riverdale high school team, he originally composed poems to pass the time while working for his father and ended up falling in love with music.

Betty Cooper is very reserved and nice at first glance, Betty nevertheless hides a dark part of her personality that she will reveal over the episodes. Betty is the daughter of Hal and Alice Cooper. She had a relationship with Jughead Jones, a relationship that will be very complicated because he joined the gang of Snakes.

Jughead Jones is Archie’s best friend. Jughead and Betty will work together for the school newspaper and fall in love with each other. Joghead is more of solitary. He is quite dark and reserved. His father is Fp Jones, leader of the south side snake gang and also an old employee of Fred Andrews.

Cheryl Blossom is the daughter of Penelope and Clifford Blossom and the twin sister of Jason. Haughty, superficial, and self-centered, Cheryl is the most popular and wealthy girl in high school.