Hunt For Connor Bedard


Olivier Dupont

Connor Bedard will be drafted this summer in the NHL and is considered the best prospect the league has seen in a long time. The question is, where will he be drafted?

Connor Bedard is a promising prospect playing for the Regina Pats in the CHL league, standing for Canadian Hockey League. In the CHL, he plays in the Western Hockey League (WHL), which is a league regrouping the best young hockey players in the west of Canada. He evolves in the center position, and he is number 98. He has an incredible season of 71 goals and 72 assists for a total of 143 points in only 57 games.

He is one of the best prospects ever since he has better stats than Crosby and McDavid at his age. These two players dominated their era being part of the best players in the NHL right now.

Only a few teams still have a chance of drafting him. The Columbus Blue Jackets are now the worst team in the NHL, with 52 points in 73 games played. Also, the Blackhawks, the Sharks, the Ducks, and the Canadiens have a chance of drafting him, because they are the five worst teams this season.

Connor Bedard is extremely talented at the age of 17 years old. Considering the stats, he is far ahead of everyone, so there’s no doubt he will be drafted number one. Some people think he is already at the NHL level despite his young age. Something sure is that, once he is drafted, he will make the team.

Connor Bedard has a strong mental, and nothing can distract him. He is also not the type of player to say he is the best of all the prospects, even if nobody is close to being as good as he is. Here are a few words from Connor Bedard. “I don’t look at which team I could play for, it’s only going to distract me. I still need to prove myself, it’s not a guarantee that I will go to one team or whatever.”

It is soon to predict his career path, but it is safe to say that he will change his future NHL team. He will greatly impact the team, leading it to more wins. “Honestly, it is very impressive to watch him play, and he can bring a lot to a team. I think a lot of people will want to see him play, and it can probably bring more fans to the NHL,” said a hockey reporter. He is already a leader, being the captain of his team, and you can expect him to be the captain of the team he will play for in the NHL.

His performance during the IIHF (the International Ice Hockey Federation) World Junior Championship was outstanding. It’s been two straight years that he has won the gold medal, and he’s been the best player for Canada during these two years.