Deadly Accident in Beauce


Sofia Cadario, Joutnalist, photograph

After a long day of amusement in bora parc, in Quebec, a familly had a huge accident on route 112 between Saint-Frédéric and Vallée-Jonction.

For an unknown reason, on the route 112 the vehicule carrying 6  famaily member hit a semi-trailer truck coming in the opposite direction.

Following the March 15 collision, the 42-years-old father, his son 12-years-old and his dauther that is 4 years-old died in the accident. The mother and the two other children were transported to the emergency hospital L’enfant Jesus, in Quebec.

One of the two children is still fighting for his life. The child who is in critical condition was transported to Montreal at the hospital CHU Sainte-Justine on Thursday.  On Thursday, the route 112 was closed until 3:00 am to let the investigators do there job and try to find the reason of the accident but they did not find the reason of the drama. The investigators said, ” For the van to suddenly change lanes, is it falling asleep, a bad maneuver or wven a voluntary gesture? Currently, investigators are working to determine the exact cause of the event.”

From another point of view, in the truck none of the 5 occupants was injured. The large vehicle belongs to the Centre de formation en transport de Chalersbourg. On Thursday, the Centre de service scolaire des Première-Seigneries sent members of the organization to support the young students who were learning in the truck when the car hit their vehicul. “A team from the Center went there. In addition, CFTC Students and staff are supported by a team of professionals”, said the CFTC.