Outer Banks season 3


Hilary Molloy, Journalist/photographer

The TV show Outer Banks is a very popular series and released season three on February 23rd, 2023. 

This show talks about conflicts between two groups of teenagers looking for a lost treasure. There are love stories, actions, drama, and fun in this series. The Outer Banks is situated in North Carolina and is a great place for tourism. It is a small island that is relaxing and peaceful. 

Season two ends when John B’s father returns home, and he is not actually dead. Season three is about John B and his dad meeting again after a long time, and they continue to look for the big treasure with the help of their friends. In season three, there are new characters like Big John (Charles Halford) and Carlos Singh (Andy MacQueen). Big John is John B’s dad, and Carlos is a new mean character that tries to find the gold before the teenagers. The new season made a lot of reactions, “The end really shocked me” .” We loved the actions this season,” said some of the fans of Outer Banks. 

The cast of the show confirmed that there will be a season four coming between May and August 2024. Everyone is pretty excited because this series has a lot of views and success. 

The actors Madelyne Cline and Chase Stokes are known as characters from the series Stranger Things. They played small roles but their fans still recognized them in Outer Banks. Madelyne Cline played the role of Tina and Chace played the role of a guy named Reed. Also, Madelyne Cline acted in the series Vice Principals in 2016. She played the role of Taylor Watts. Other actors like Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Drew Starkey, and Jonathan Daviss became popular because of the show. This TV show is available on Netflix and season three has 99 million hours viewed.