Elon Musk’s Comments on AI


Alexis Morency, Journalist/promotion

Recently, AI has been developed as it has never been before. Since its original release in November of 2022, chatGTP raised a lot of questions.

ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot developed by Open AI. This chatbot is primarily designed for customer service but people use it With the recent release of its fourth version, the scientific communities have reacted. Multi Billionaire Elon Musk has also recently commented on the situation and warned that more regulation should be in place. The experts claim that AI could be used for various abuse such as plagiarism and misinformation.

Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015 alongside Sam Altman and others, though he left the company in 2018 and no longer holds any skate in it. Since then he criticized the company for various amounts of time saying that they derived from their original purpose. As OpenAi began developing the technology that would lead to ChatGPT, many in the lab realized that sharing openly the software could be dangerous. With the AI individual and organizations can potentially generate and disseminate misinformation faster and more efficiently than they otherwise could. Many OpenAI employees said that they should have kept some of its ideas and code away from the public.

Elon Musk also scares a lot of people with his self-driving cars produced by his company Tesla.” He says that robots are going to kill us?” said Ryan Calo, a teacher a the University of Washington School of Law. “A car that his company made has already killed somebody.”

The U.K. government published a white paper on AI in June of 2022. In it, they outline 6 principles that they want companies to follow. Ensure that AI is used safely, ensure that AI is technically secure and functions as designed, make sure that AI is appropriately transparent and explainable, embed considerations of fairness into AI, define legal persons’ responsibility of AI governance and clarify routes to redress or contestability.