Hockey Cadets Wins Last Game Of The Year


The Cadet’s D2  hockey team won their last game of the year with a 3-0 victory against Samuel de Champlain.

Although they had an easy win, our team felt pretty disappointed about the end of their season. This game was a letdown, as multiple suspensions depleted the opposing team. A total of eight players had been pulled from their lineup. It is unclear why they were off the team. Among the people suspended were the two goalies, which affected their capacity to be competitive. They resorted to Benjamin players to have the necessary number of participants.

The game was full of frustration from both sides, which led to heavy hits resulting in multiple penalties.  There were 16 penalties in total. Samuel de Champlain had 10 out of the 16, and one of their players got kicked out of the game for insulting the referees and bad behavior.

Period 1

During the first period, La Camaradière dominated. Most of the time, our team was on offence resulting in two goals from  Alexis Desrosiers and Alexis Matteau. The period ended with a 2-0 lead.

Period 2

In this period, Émile Desrosiers increased their lead with another goal with a well placed shot. By then, the game was getting rough as there were 8 penalties, frustration was starting to affect the both teams. That is when William Houde was expelled for the rest of the game.

During the final period of the game, no one scored. Even if nobody scored, there was a lot of tension and each team tried to push the other team more than they pushed them.


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