End of Trump Presidential Career?


Victor Parent, Journalist, Graphic artist

Donald Trump, a presidential candidate back in 2016 was indicted for 34 felony crimes on April 4 and it’s kind of a scary situation because it’s coming from a former president. The well-known leader paid 130 000$ to Stormy Daniels to remain silent about an affair she had with him back in 2006. 

Stormy tried to sue Donald in 2018 to cancel the affair because of non-disclosure saying that the affair was not valid but on April 14 2022, her words were refused by the judge because he found the affair valid.

When Trump was in the courtroom, he was a defender and did not speak to any reporter and kept saying he was “not guilty” but the judge found him a little aggressive and said that he could be removed from the place if he kept acting like that.“The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it,” Trump said. He finally left after one hour and did not say any comments since the advertisement after being pleaded not guilty and denied having affairs with Daniel. Donald Trump is the first former U.S. president that has appeared in a courtroom as a criminal defendant.

He proceed to win it and did not take a mugshot, a photograph of a person taken for an official purpose, especially for police records, but even if he had taken one, the public would not have seen it because New York bans law enforcement from releasing mug shots publicly. The consequences that he could have if he ever is guilty of one of the 34 felony counts, is four years in jail but he’d be more likely to be sentenced less because of his popularity. So because of all that, Trump’s presidential career will surely be affected and might not be seen the same again.