AI scares schools


Zackary Langlois

In the last few years, the AI market extended really fast. Teachers and professors are concerned about this new technology that makes it far too easy for students to use it as a shortcut for essays or other writing assignments and exams  

What is ChatGPT?                                                                                                                                                          ChatGPT is a chatbot which means that you can ask him whatever you want and it will answer you . Of course, there are limits to what it can do. Here’s what happens when you ask it: “As an AI language model, my abilities are limited to processing and generating text based on patterns and data from my training data. My performance and the accuracy of my responses depend on the quality of the data I was trained on, and the complexity of the tasks or questions posed to me. In terms of generating text, I can produce responses on a wide range of topics, from simple factual queries to more complex tasks like writing essays or generating creative writing pieces. However, I am not capable of physical actions or decision-making, and my responses are limited to generating text only. Overall, my capabilities are continuously improving as my training data is updated and my algorithms are refined, so I am constantly learning and evolving.”

Why are schools banning ChatGPT?                                                                                                                      Some schools have banned ChatGPT and some decided not to. The Los Angeles Unified School District, for example, has banned it “to protect academic honesty, while a risk/benefit assessment is conducted.” Since ChatGPT debuted in November, schools are worried that students may use it to write essays within minutes, which is a problem. Other schools that have decided not to ban it because they believe that students will have to live with this technology in the future or they want to find ways to use it in a school environment.

What do ChatGPT and OpenAI creators have to say?                                                                                    An OpenAI spokesperson said that the company wants to help schools with their concerns and that users should be happy about using their new creation. The company is working on a system for teachers to check whether students have used ChatGPT to cheat. “We don’t want ChatGPT to be used for misleading purposes in schools or anywhere else,” said the spokesperson.