A Canadian To The Moon


Raphaël Cantin, Journalist, Editor

NASA announced the very first Canadian to orbit the Moon will be part of the Artemis II mission, launched in late 2024.

Jeremy Hansen, a 47-year-old Canadian astronaut, and three other NASA astronauts will orbit the Moon aboard the Orion spacecraft during the Artemis II mission. Since Marc Garneau, the very first Canadian sent to space, Jeremy is the tenth to be selected for this type of flight.

The Canadian astronaut, born in London, Ontario, is also a CF-18 fighter jet pilot. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in spatial sciences at Kingston’s royal military college. He also has a master’s degree in physics at the same institution. In his life, Jeremy accomplished many feats and received a lot of honours, such as the “Médaille du jubilé de diamant de la reine Elizabeth II ()” and the ” Médaille d’or de la Société royale géographique du Canada ()”. He is “an exceptional individual,” said Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister.

“I just want Canadians to feel that pride. I just want Canadians to realize, hey, we are up to big things here in Canada and can accomplish the seemingly impossible if we believe in ourselves,” declared Hansen. “He will do all Canadians proud. There’s no doubt about it,” agreed Justin Trudeau.

The spaceship will be the first mission to orbit the Moon since 1972. “For me, it’s a bit unreal still,” Hansen told CBC’s Paul Hunter. The launch will take place at the Kennedy space center in Florida. During the ten days, they will be there, the four astronauts will have to test key components that will be used for Artemis III (2025), which is supposed to land on the Moon. Jeremy will be wearing a specially designed and adapted spacesuit.