Shot Down for Ringing a Doorbell


Hilary Molloy

On Thursday evening, Ralph Yarl, a 16 years old teenager, got shot by a man in Missouri as he came to his door looking for his brothers.

Ralph was in charge of picking up his younger twin brothers at their friend’s house. He was supposed to go to Northeast 115th Terrace but mixed up the address and went to the wrong house. He was at Northeast 115th Street, and the owner of the house, Mr. Lester, shot him in the forehead and the right arm.

Ralph had surgery to remove the bullets and got out of the hospital on Sunday. The bullet was stuck in his head for 12 hours before they removed it.

“I saw a black male pulling on the exterior storm door handle of my house, and I thought he was attempting to break into my house,” said the shooter to a police officer.

The boy contradicted this version of the story and mentioned, ” I only rang the doorbell, and I did not pull on the door.”

The boy’s mother also had an interview and talked about his son’s injury. ” He got a couple of bullets in his body, instead of a couple of twins coming up, out and giving him a hug,” said the mother in pain.

The 84-year-old shooter was released from custody initially, and he was not charged until the next Monday, following protests in front of the city hall. A warrant had been issued for his arrest, and the bail was set at 200,000$.

The young boy’s family is very happy that he survived even if he is fully recovered. He is very lucky to be in this world again because his injuries were very bad.