Pandora Jewelry, a Successfull Company


Marilou Delisle, Journalist/photographer

It started as a small local Danish shop but is now one of the world’s largest jewelry stores,

It all started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1932, by Dane Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. In 1989, he produced his first ring in his workshop in Thailand. Then, in 2000, an idea came to his mind. He could create charm bracelets for women to allow them to create their own style of bracelet and allow them to express themselves. 

 In 2005, the first Pandora-owned manufacturing facility opened. In 2006, the first Pandora store opened in Hamburg, Germany. Since this opening, 2700 shops have opened all over the world. In 2010, the Pandora company is now part of the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange. The NASDAQ OMX, who is one of the two New York stock exchanges proposed to evolve a company. Subsequently, Pandora begins to release several collections like Disney.

” I think Pandora is a good company but i would like that they make more collection about flower. I like buy there jewelry because they are really beautiful” said Ève.

The founder of Pandora, Per Enevoldsen born on December 20, 1952 who is now 70 years old. His wife Winnie Lijiborg, born in 1956, helped her husband create the company Pandora. She is a Dkj-anish businesswoman, investor and philanthropist. Today she is one of the richest women in Denmark.

They offer many designs of charms, necklaces, rings and more. Their jewelry is made out of 925 silver which is the scale of purity. The purity range of 925 is one of the best metals you can get. The diamonds on the jewelry is created above the ground which means they’re made in labs. The shiny pieces are optically, chemically, thermally, and physically identical to mined diamonds.

Pandora’s best-selling jewelry is bracelets and charms. Since you can personalize them the way you want and you can put everything that enchants you and that represents you. There is also there necklace that are their best-selling.

Thanks to the sale of their Pandora jewelry, they earn more than 740 million dollars per year.They also receive 26,5 billion Danish kroner each year and this is going to grow for the next year.

” I never think that my little company of jewelry would become one of the biggest one” said the creator of Pandora.