Martin Lévesque going to trial for the murder of Patricia Sirois


Alexis Morency, Journalist, promotion

The breathtaking murder of Patricia Sirois is now going to trial.

In September of 2021, Martin Levesque killed the 35-year-old mother Patricia Sirois. While the mother of two was passing in front of his property the man shot her 6 times. before getting fatally hit the woman had the time to call 911. The 50 years old man now stands trial for his second-degree murder, he maintains that he is not criminally responsible due to mental issues.

The call to 911 lasted 11 minutes. During the chaotic call, we hear the 911 dispatcher try to establish communication while hearing the cries of the children. We also hear the two young kids call for their mother multiple times without a response. The call was heard in court on May third. The ex-military spouse passed her arm through the broken window taking the steering wheel. She drove the car from out 900 meters at low speed. She then turned off the engine.

On the police’s arrival, the man was in the woods on the side of the road. He was armed with an assault rifle but dropped it on the policeman’s order. However, the man was not responding to the agent’s orders asking them to shoot him down. With the help of a colleague, the man was mastered and then arrested for the murder of Patricia Sirois.

In the residence of Martin Lévesque, chests filled with ammunition and magazines, in addition to a dozen weapons of all kinds, were found. They were not legally stored or secured. Patricia Sirois was killed with a 9 mm pistol.

It was established in evidence that Martin Levesque had consumed alcohol the day of the drama. Witnesses of the scene proved that the man and his wife seemed intoxicated in the hours before the death of Patricia Sirois.

Martin’s side will probably defend the fact that after multiple years of service in the Canadian military for numerous years, the man was left traumatized and changed forever and that this night he was completely drunk.