The Temu App

Victoria Paquet, Journalist

The Temu app is starting to get really popular because of all its free gifts for teenagers. 

For a while, teenagers have discovered the Temu app, which is starting to become very popular. But why is it downloaded so much in such a short time? The reason is that users are getting money just by installing this app. They also get money when they make a friend download the app. These two factors together explain why it has been downloaded 50 million times since September.

Temu sells them things like phone cases, clothes, hair curlers, chargers, and sunglasses for a really low price. No credic card is required if the merch is free. People need to put their phone number and their address.  But the real question is: Where do they take all this money to pay for the free merchandise? Is it legal? People that use the app don’t really know ” I have this app, but I don’t even know if it’s safe or not,” said Mathys Prévost.

In reality, it is legal because Temu actually makes money by taking a percentage of the sales on their app  makes to give gifts or money to users. When you order something, it’s always directly shipped from Chinese factories or warehouses, which explains to low prices.

Right now, Temu has a rating of 3.47 stars, and most of the customers are satisfied with their purchases ” It is the same quality as Shein or Wish,” mentionned some of the customers. Temu is really popular because about 50 million people have downloaded it since it launched in September 2022.