Airman Teixeira leaks confidential information


Jeremy Castonguay, Journalist, management

Jack Teixeira, an Air National Guardsman shared notes and images of government secrets related to the war in Ukraine and U.S. spycraft on a social media platform.

He was implicated in a vast leak of classified documents, fixated on weapons, mass shootings, shadowy conspiracy theories, and proving he was in the right, and in the know.

Airman Teixeira shared U.S. intelligence on Ukrainian readiness, battlefield commands from the Kremlin, and secret arms shipments by American allies, along with reports of internal friction on all sides. He is also accusing the United States of a host of secret, nefarious activities: making biological and chemical weapons in Ukrainian labs, creating the Islamic State, and creating big shootings.

In messages posted on Discord, a social media platform for gamers, Airman Teixeira s that the 2o year old man behind the shooting at Greenwood Park Mall was one of many mass shootings prepared by the American government as part of a secret plan for people to vote for more gun control.

“The FBI and other 3 letter agencies contact these unhinged mentally ill kids and convince them to do mass shootings,” Jack Teixeira, wrote in an online chat group on Discord. He was also sharing a conspiracy theory after a man killed three people in a mall in Indiana last summer.

Jack got arrested last month for leaking these informations, because of what he did, he faces federal charges and could gets decades of prison.