U.S Borders Reopening After End Of Covid Policy


Marko Milosevic, Journalist, editor

Massive number of immigrants came through the U.S. borders after the end of the Covid policy. Knowing that Title 42 was lifted, what will happen.

In other words, the administration ended the Covid-19 vaccine requirements for international air travellers on May 11, the same day that the Covid-19 public health emergency ended. This means from May 12, noncitizen nonimmigrant air passengers will no longer need to show proof of being fully vaccinated with an accepted Covid-19 vaccine to board a flight to the United States.

Since Title 42 was lifted, immigrants have been staying up late on borders to cross America. In fact, the mayor of McAllen, Texas, Javier Villalobos, “estimated that about 15 000 migrants were waiting on Friday afternoon to cross from Reynosa, Mexico.” Newcomers are given food, water and are inhabited in small aunts. More precisely, McAllen, a parking area for mobile homes, set up many tents at a public park to house 2000 people, and the foundation is estimated to house 5000 in the coming days. Some also suffer a lot. A 22-year-old lady had her two children sick and was trying her best to reach her relatives since she didn’t want to pay for the hospital. The case was the same for many other women. Four women with plenty of children were trying to find cheap bus tickets to San Antonio.

Another positive point from the Title 42 end is that those who cross the border illegally will now, at the minimum, have the chance to apply for asylum in the U.S.A. to prove that they would face the repercussions if they returned home. Mr.Romero and Mr.Parra were really happy after getting released by U.S. authorities. They waited three days in the Border Patrol station to be processed and could finally go look for a job. Parra, all enthusiastic, said “I will do any job.”