XO, Kitty Season 1


Isa-Ève St-Martin, Journalist, promotion

On May 18, 2023, a new TV show came out. XO, Kitty and it’s the continuity of the movies “to all the boys I’ve loved before”

The show is about Kitty, the little sister of Lara Jean and Margot Song-Covey that we can see in the movies to all the boys I’ve loved before. In those films, the family travel to Seiul to try to know more about their mother. There Kitty met a guy and fall in love.


For many years, Kitty and Dae, the guy she met in Seoul talked together by their phones. During the summer she asked for a scholarship to go to “KISS” a popular school where her mother went when she was younger, and also it is the school of Dae. At the beginning of the year, five days before school started she received an answer. She convinced her dad and her step-mother and moved to Seoul for a year. When she arrived there she met a lot of people, made friends, and finely met Dae for the second time in 5 years. Also, Kitty found multiple pieces of information about her mother. She discovered a side of her she never saw before and try to understand.


The show is pretty interesting, but maybe a bit too much like the “typical” movies and TV shows for teenagers. If it was less cheezy it would probably attract more people, but actually, there are already so many people that had watched the movies and the series. But otherwise, the musics are correctly decided for the scenes, and The actors are really good for their young age.