Deputies Salary to be Increased


The new high in the salary of Quebec deputies does not seem to please everyone.

The salaries of deputies will soon be increased. Basically, the deputies have a salary above the average which is 26.70. 10 deputies on 125 earn about 33$ an hour which means closer to 100 000$ per year and the rest so 115 of them can go up to 200 000$. It would be an increase of 30%( 30 000$) per year for each elected member of the National Assembly.

This does not seem to please everyone because according to an online survey, 3 out of 4 Quebecois would not agree. The parties will still be free to choose whether or not they accept this increase.

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois said that their party would refuse the increase or give it to organizations, ” I will give it all”. Mr. Nadeau Dubois also thinks that people don’t go into politics for the money but to defend their values and project so why would it be necessary?

Mr. Legault thinks that the salary increase is necessary to allow deputies to bring in the money for their children. It makes no sense because they’re not the only ones with children.

With this increase, deputies of Quebec will also be the best paid in the country. People also think that it is unfair for the teachers because they also have a hard job but we don’t think a lot about them or their salaries. Why these would not deserve to be the best paid in Canada because of the efforts they make in their work ” I am a deputy, and my girlfriend is a teacher, even with my crazy hours, I never claimed to work harder or be more useful for my society.” said a member of the National Assembly.