Quebec Ablaze


Emy Langelier

Since May 28th, the province of Quebec has been facing a situation conducive to forest fires with high and dry temperatures as well as low precipitation throughout the territory.

As of right now, there are 107 forest fires in Quebec according to the minister. “We are currently working on 20 of these fires to protect the population and our Hydro-Quebec infrastructure,” he said.

A request has been put in place by the MRNF, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, as well as the MSP, Ministry of Public Security. This recommendation is to restrict or avoid the most as possible to circulate in the forest. The purpose of asking this is to reduce the risk of fire, facilitate the operation of SOPFEU (Société de protection des forêts contre le feu), and ensure public safety.

It’s important to take in consideration these recommendations issued by the authorities when it comes to outdoor activities, especially in forest areas. They aim to ensure the safety of people and to prevent the risk of fires or other dangers related to nature. “The main causes of fire: cigarette butts are still a very big cause of fire; campfires badly extinguished, people make campfires despite the ban on making open fires; the famous rubbish burning too… In the spring, people tend to clean up the land, to burn the residue,” summarizes Mr. Caron, worker ar SOPFEU.

Quebec is not the only province to deal with the ravages of fires: Alberta has 60 active wildfires so far, while Nova Scotia has seen about 200 buildings destroyed by the flames. The government recalls that lighting open fires throughout the province, in or near the forest, is still prohibited.