The Throwback Day’s Review

Ève moreau, Journalist

 The activities that the school used to organize are back.

At the school, in May, on the 12th, there was a throwback day. The point was to dress how we would back in the day just to get a bit of nostalgia. Although you have to respect the dress code there were so many possibilities of outfits that you could try.  

Since fashion has been around for over 500 000 years, with a whole lot of changes in the quality of the clothes, price, and looks, there were so many examples of outfits.  

“I loved that day, I think it was really nice to have a throwback day. Honestly, I think we should start dressing like the old days again because the clothes had so many fun colors and today’s fashion is all copy and paste” said a student. 

There was a Karaoke session in the lobby, some people were singing, dancing, and recording. Some free subways were also available for everyone. 

There was also the day where you dress francy, in pyjamas, and the one where you dress for valentines Day.