The Strike

The Strike

Because of the poor working conditions, teachers decided to go on an unlimited general strike. This had negative effects on students and teachers, as well as parents.

Negative effects the strike had on the students.

Students have been affected in multiple ways. For example, they took a lot of delay in their homework, evaluations, and curriculum in general.

 Teenagers affected by the strike had difficulties getting back into the school routine. Indeed, they were home doing practically anything they wanted because they had no homework assigned. The students came back and took off where they left two months ago. They were around  2 months behind the school curriculum.

Negative effects the strike had on teachers 

The teachers were seriously affected by this event. They were financially unstable because they had no salary or financial support from their union. During this 2 month-long strike, the teachers had no income which put them in a very difficult monetary situation.

Single-parent families had it even harder, especially those with kids because they were alone feeding them. Eventually, these teachers could, if they weren’t lucky, have financial difficulties.

Negative effects on parents

Parents were also in a bad condition because they had to keep their kids home. Especially the parents with 1st graders and kindergarteners had to find somebody to look after their kids or take days off from their jobs if there were no other choice. It made their physical and mental health decrease because they could not go to work and were exhausted from keeping their kindergarteners at home. 










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