Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

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Soccer in All Its Glory


Top 5 of the worthy moments about the most popular sport in the world: Soccer. These will remain engraved in our memory.

Top 5: The best “Remontada” ever in the soccer world was on March 8th, 2017, by FC Barcelone against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) at Nou camp in Barcelone. Paris Saint-Germain won 4-0 and after, during the round of 16, in the Champions League of the UEFA, FC Barcelone took revenge and won 6-1 against the PSG. The total score for both games together between these teams was 6-5. Everybody was shocked by this score that was even called miraculous.


Top 4: Christine Sinclair is the woman top goal scorer of all time. She broke her rival’s record, Abby Wambach who scored 184 goals in selection, and Christine Sinclair beat this record by scoring 190 goals. This event happened on January 29th, 2020 during a game for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Unfortunately, she retired and played her last game on December 5th, 2023. She was playing with the Thorns FC De Portland in the National Women’s Soccer League. Christine Sinclair had simply been proven the best of all.

Top 3: An Argentine player named Diego Maradona, made an illegal goal with his left hand that counted. It happened on June 22nd, 1986 in Mexico, against England during the FIFA World Cup. He jumped and hit the ball with his hand instead of his head. “It was made a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of god,” said Maradona. This phrase remains engraved and gave this legendary goal the name “The Hand of God”.


Top 2: Pelé also known as “the King” became the idol of the Brazilians on November 19th, 1969, when he scored his thousandth goal. The game took place in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium, against Vasco De Gama. In the last ten minutes of the game, Pelé did a penalty in front of a crowd of about 80,000 people that was intensely cheerful, the pressure was very high. Pelé was the first to accomplish this achievement and he had the trick to make every occasion look spectacular.


Top 1: On September 6th, 1995, Rene Higuita invented the Scorpion kick. The principle of this move is to jump forward and put the feet over the head to kick the ball far away with the heels. The first time he made it, was during an off-season game between England and Colombia. Rene Higuita was a goalkeeper who was not scared to take risks, he made the scorpion kick and made an unimaginable save. This goalkeeper marked the soccer world with his skill.





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