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The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

Le journal étudiant de l'École secondaire la Camaradière

The Camaradiant

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He Shot Himself… Accidentally?


A 17-year-old American rapper pointed a gun at his head, during a video for social media, and accidentally pulled the trigger.


“My aunt has recently lost his only son after an injury by a bullet in the head[…] We are still trying to know why he did that”, said Thursday, a cousin of the young victim.

The day before, Rylo Huncho would have been found dead in a house in Suffolk, Virginia, after manipulating a weapon when doing a video.

In the pictures circulating on social media, we can see the young man dancing with a weapon with a green laser, before placing it on his head. But QMI (a division of the Canadian media conglomerate) preferred not to share them because of their content. Suddenly, he is interrupted by the sound of a gun firing, before the cell phone falls off his hands.

If the police didn’t confirm the identity of the young victim, but it would have advanced the hypothesis of an injury by a bullet.

It’s not clear how the pictures were able to be on social media, but they reached 1.7 million views in a sharing on X.

On the other side, the family is still to gain money by raising funds. “Everything can help at this time. He was her only child, she was the only child too, it was always her and her son.”

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