An active school


“De Mortagne high school” is situated in Boucherville. It’s a school concentrated on sports. There are volleyball, basketball, dance, football and many other concentrations.


Many people that went to this school went to the Olympics, Les jeux du Québec, Canadian Championships and many other competitions.


Marjorie Lajoie is a 18-year-old figure skater. She went to this school for all of her secondary. With her partner, she won two times the national junior championships. She is also an actress. In 2012, she appeared on Disney XD for the show Just Kidding.


Rose-Kaying Woo, a gymnast, went in sport concentration on her secondary 3. In 2016, she did the Olympics at Rio .


The students of this school need to be fit because sometimes, they can practise 6 or 7 days a week. The fact that they practice that much makes a big difference with their talents. This year, the cadet basketball team won all their games.

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Ana Laura Portuondo Isasi, a girl from De Mortagne school, won the Olympics in judo in 2012, 2013 and 2014. To be accepted in sport concentration, you need to have an average of 70% and to be good at sports. There is also a cost related  to this; in volleyball concentration it is 3000$ for a year.


In sport concentration, your schedule depends  on your sport. “In volleyball, five days a week we have school from 7:50 am up to lunch time and then, we are playing volleyball for three hours. Three mornings a week, we do musculation before school. We also have two studying periods of an hour each.” said Youma Diallo. She was in Volleyball concentration two years ago, for her secondary 4 and last year, for her secondary 5.  


Written by: Aïssa Alice Diallo

Edited by: Maïssa Lapalme, Annabelle Mainguy and Alice Gagnon