Soccer Team at la Camaradière


Why we should have a soccer team here at La Camaradière

We have a Basketball team, a Volleyball team, a Hockey team, a Badminton team, a DBL team and even a Frisbee team, but we don’t have a Soccer team !

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with 4 billion fans in the entire world. It’s also the sixth most known sport in Canada, still we have no team here at La Camaradère, why is that? The sport director says that it’s because of the competition between the team of the player out of school and the school team and the player would rather play for their club instead of playing with the school team.

When you look outside during the lunch break you can see the soccer field full of soccer players. And we have all kinds of level of skill, AAA, AA, A and local players. We even have players who don’t play in a league and are just hoping that one day we will have a soccer team here a La Camaradère so they could play. The worst of it all is that it is proven that if someone plays with a school team he will feel more like he is part of the school, which means that the school drop-out rate is diminished by a lot.

I personally think that we would have one of the top team here at La Camaradière.As someone that plays soccer  outside during lunchtime,I see the potential for a really good team.

I don’t think that a single tournament per year is enough. There is too much potential wasted. I don’t know if when your team wins the league the school receives money from the Commision Scolaire De La Capitale but if so, well it’s an opportunity the get more budget for the school thrown away.


Hopefully the director will see this opinion based text,he will finally see the advantages of having a soccer team and we will get us a soccer team.


Written by: Zakary Bensadek

Edited by: Jérémy Larose-Desjardins Albert David Castro Delgado