Revisited Hockey Season


Alex-Ann Germain

  Several new rules have been put in place for school hockey and the players are demotivated.


    At the moment, The Camaradiere hockey players are the only ones in the school who can practice their sports. On the other hand, the players are subjected to new precise rules given by the RSEQ and the government. These rules can sometimes upset the players but they absolutely want to continue their sport.

    According to the new guidelines, while in the hockey room, the players must stand at 2 meters from each other, the players are separated into 2 rooms, they are around 14 so 7 people per room. Obviously, the players wear their masks in the rooms. When it comes time to get on the ice, they can take it off.

    If the games restart there will be a whole new way of playing. Unfortunately, among the new rules players will not be allowed to hit and there will be fewer players on the ice at the same time.

    The players thought maybe they would have a hockey season at the start of the year but they are not sure anymore. “At the beginning of the year, I believed in it but not anymore,” said Olivier Carreau, a Camaradiere hockey player.

The players have not yet played a game during the season and they are impatient to be able to do so. However, they know that they are very lucky to be able to practice their sport despite the situation. Most other sports have not had the same opportunities so far.