Montreal City Most Polluted in the Province?

L’OMS did some research to find the cities with the most pollution by testing air quality.

     Most people think that Montreal is the city with the most pollution all around Quebec but surprisingly, it isn’t. It is in second place. The gold medal goes to Trois-Rivières. There are 6 other cities that share the 3rd pollution. Quebec, Gatineau, Laval, St-Simon, Varennes and Longueil. 

     Trois-Rivières is a city with a lot of pollution because in all Canada it is in the top 5. They are classed 4th in all the country after Courtenay, Regina and Vanderhoof. 

So they collect particles by putting down stations around the city and they will know how much particles there is.

     The place or factory that does the most pollution in Trois-Rivières is the Aluminerie de Bécancour. That factory is almost doing 80% of all pollution in Trois-Rivières by itself. To be exact, it creates 79,5% of the pollution in the city.

      Aluminerie de Bécancour or l’ABI as people call it has 1 000 employees. In a year, it produces 413 000 tons of aluminium t-bars, plates and billets. There are two other facilities in the complex for a total of 3 300 workers combined. all of them together are producing 1 058 000 tons of raw material.

     The factories Kruger are almost doing the rest of the pollution in Trois-Rivières. There are 2 of those pulp and paper mill factories in Trois-Rivières. The two factories combined are 17% of the pollution in the city.

     The other business that account for the rest of the contamination in Trois-Rivières are some factories. They don’t generate as much residue as the Kruger but they are only doing 3% of the contamination in the city. The factories are the TRT ETGO, Silicium Quebec, Les laminés Sural Canada, Cascades Canada ULC. and Arkema Canada.

     This enterprise spends a lot of money trying to find a way to do less pollution. They finally spent 4,7 millions of dollars to reduce the pollutants that were thrown in the air.

     The OMS compared a lot of different cities to find the cities with more pollution than others. They compared 795 cities and 67 countries during 5 years to find the place with the most pollution.

     With the results from the OMS, 98% of all the cities with more than 100 000 people don’t usually respect the directives to help  with the quality of the air in their city.


Written by Mélodie Lévesque