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Mélodie Lévesque

Mélodie Lévesque, Editor

This shy, young journalist stands out of the crowd because of her accomplishments, attention to details and of her positive attitude.


Mélodie Lévesque is a talented 14 year old, who's favorite sport is rock climbing. Her favorite hobby is reading, which makes you believe she is smart, which she is. She loves to listen to Pop music. Her favorite subject is math. She doesn't really know how she sees herself in 15 years. Mélodie has lots of talents, which are related to sports and school. Her favorite season is summer. She can cook a lot of things but her favorite is maple cone. The things she isn’t really good at is talking about herself. If she could move anywhere in the world, it would be Hawaii because she loves to spend time at the beach. If Mélodie had 10 million dollars, she would like to travel all over the world to see different cultures.

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Mélodie Lévesque