Biggest Dinosaur Found in Argentina


Audrey Chabot-Corriveau, Audrey Chabot-Corriveau


    Argentina fossil researchers have found the largest dinosaur skeleton ever seen.


     The researcher who had directed studies on Patagotitan said “We found the first 24 vertebrae of the tail, parts of the pelvic girdle, of the pectoral girdle. It is still mostly buried under the rock, we still have work for a few years.”


     According to the first analysis, this dinosaur will be 10-20% larger than the dinosaur currently considered the largest, the Titan of Patagonia”.


     Mr. Otero, a specialist, explained that long bones like the femur and humerus are used to make precise estimates of the mass of the animal. But unfortunately, these bones did not come out of the rock.


     The Patagontitan weighs 70 tonnes, so imagine the size of this one. Then The Patagontitan was found in the most important watercourse of Argentine Patagonia.


     “We suspect that the specimen may be extracted completely or nearly complete. It will all depend on how the excavation proceeds. But beyond the fact that it is the largest or not, the fact that an articulated dinosaur appears, a dinosaur of these dimensions, is something extraordinary ” exclaimed the director of the museum of natural science of Zappala.