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Audrey Chabot-Corriveau

Audrey Chabot-Corriveau, Photograph

Audrey is a 15-year-old girl who plays soccer. Her two favorite subjects in school are physical education and art. In 15 years, she sees herself in a house with cats, but she doesn't know what job she is going to do. The hobbies of the young journalist are playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Audrey listens to rap and pop music, but she doesn't have a favorite band or singer because she listens to a little of every type without worrying to about who the singer or the band is. She is really good at soccer and her secret talent is to touch her nose with her lips. Audrey loves to travel, so that's why with 10 million dollars she would buy a car and she would travel around the world. The teenager doesn't have a particular place in the world where she could move because she likes to change the decor and not have a routine. The favorite time of the year for Audrey is the summer and her least favorite subject in school is history. Audrey doesn't really cook, but she knows how to follow a recipe, so there is not really a recipe she is the best at. Audrey thinks the thing she is really bad at is dancing because she doesn't really dance and her moves aren't really fluid. Finally, her favorite app is Instagram.

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Audrey Chabot-Corriveau